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February round up

Richard Barrett published Department #3, featuring poetry from Wayne Clements, David Grundy, Catherine Hales, Ryan Ormonde, Posie Rider, Marcus Slease and Tom Watts; essays from Marie-Angelique Bueler (“composing on the spot: free improv as instant composition”), Matt Dalby (“resonant frequencies: the relationship of sound poetry and noise”) and David Grundy (“place, self and music in the recent work of Sean Bonney”). A5, 76 pp, 3 quid.

The second half of the circle (ed. Arabella Currie & Tom Graham) came out, incl. Peter Riley, Alexander Booth, Ian Heames, Peter McDonald, Samuel Meister, Ryan Dobran, Vidyan Ravinthiran, Don Paterson, Drew Milne, John Z. Komurki, Steve McCaffery, Rebecca Voelcker, Heathcote Williams, Richard O’Brien, & Yolanda Tudor-Bloch. Quite a lot about books. I think the reason I like Richard O’Brien’s image “turning your nose / before a kiss as if you turned / the pages of a codex” is because the two rotations don’t align very closely — the arcs described are quite different, the edges are in different places, etc. — conveying an impression of a large system of gears or swooping birds or something in which ground and tenor are connected but unmerged.  Drew Milne: “because the rotation facsimile is blown”.  I can’t say just why I like Ryan Dobran’s “funny reading knife”; maybe it’s how he gesticulates with it. Drew’s excerpts from And Then Some picks up on the travails of the “suffix to a verb” which first appeared to me in this CRS pamphlet. Don Paterson’s poem explicitly mentions “The Bottle Imp” by Robert Louis Stevenson, and implicitly again in the phrase “vast / infinitesimal letdown of each other!” The ratcheting race-to-the-bottom, I think, can occur with or without the social unity which Peter Riley explores in his poem (in which the phrase “nothing else unites this society” appears twice referring apparently to two different things). The editors chat about their vaulting ambition in this Openned zine.

The ginormous PDF journal Veer About appeared from Veer Books and Intercapillary Space. Jennifer Pike Cobbing, Scott Thurston, Karen McCormack, David Caddy, Gavin Selerie, John Cayley, David Miller, Maggie O’Sullivan, Harry Gilonis, Chris Paul, Matthew Martin, James Harvey, Antony John, Doug Jones, Steve McCaffery, Nat Raha, Wayne Clements, Steve Willey, Mike Weller, Martin Gubbins, Sean Bonney, Pansy Maurer-Alvarez, Richard Owens, Gregorio Fontén, Steve Fowler, Johan de Wit, Frances Presley, Rod Mengham, Becky Cremin, Justin Katko, Elizabeth Jane Burnett, Stephen Mooney, Greg Thomas, Mendoza, Rob Holloway, John Seed, Jimmy Cummins, Allen Fisher, Niamh O’Mahony, Keith Jebb, Carol Watts, Rose van Hensbergen, Aodán McCardle, Peter Philpott, Tom White, Phillip Terry, Gilbert Adair, Ryan Ormonde, Edmund Hardy, & Juha Virtanen.

Without batting an eyelid the Arthur Shilling Press published Edmund Hardy’s Desertion. It is “an archive essay drawn from British Army court martial records of the 1914-1918 war.”

John Gilmore’s Head of a Man arrived in February, the last late lingering ray of a 2010 Reality Street Supporter Subscription. In 2011 such a Supporter would be like to get: James Davies, Plants; Leopold Haas, The Raft; Richard Makin, Dwelling; Carol Watts, Occasionals; Johan de Wit: Gero Nimo.

BlazeVOX published Colin Herd’s too ok, sort of this February 1981.

From too ok:

a purple pellet is being smushed into your forehead.
a little more information, maybe? but the pellet could
be anything. clear? it’s irrelevant. and we all stand in
the corners of the elevator, smiling, thinking the same
thing, at you. IT’S A BLUEBERRY, NITWIT; DON’T

Colnel Sonnet

By Nate Alhambra.

[diane]: or bigot tarot swept with reeking hair. “don’t let
[thatwoman]: d. cameron smoke his chrissom bong around here
[thatwoman]: I don”t think he”s respectable or decent
[thatwoman]: or I dislike decency if that is what it has to be,
[thatwoman]: the over & coil dilatory smartly of his thinking hair
[thatwoman]: he jerks continuously on the knot of people UKPLC I am an
[thatwoman]: old lady although I don’t think of myself as old &
[thatwoman]: he says different things to his business guys why don’t we fold
[thatwoman]: them up along their pinstripe lines.” or on brown’s
[diane]: bigotgate gaff. half the electoral reluctance
[diane]: related to “that woman”. half the democratic reluctance
[diane]: related to “that was a disaster”. that was it.
[diane]: it is impolite but she was sex doll puffed rigid
[thatwoman]: yes taut with pussywet.


The conference is coming to town! The conference is coming to town!

Con/Versify (11th-12th September in Edinburgh) calls for papers on poetry, politics and form.