Should we apologise for so much of the country being inundated with springSNOW, fallen, we assume, to signal the sending to the printer of the first issue tomorrow Monday [yesterday!].

There are slight amendments to our earlier announcement in that the issue is extended to 80 pages with an additional contribution, Michael Haslam, and a change to Keith Sand’s Mandelstam contribution.

The roster is now prose and poetry by Michael Haslam, Rosa van Hensbergen, Peter Hughes (Petrarch), D S Marriott, Alistair Noon, Joseph Persad, Denise Riley, Peter Riley, Keith Sands (Mandelstam), Nick Totton, Juha Virtanen, Nigel Wheale, James Wilson.

Other contributions are an etching dated 1975 by Gisèle Celan-Lestrange and a 1983 letter by J H Prynne substantially about Paul Celan and translation; music scores by India Cooke, the late Leroy Jenkins, Dave Soldier; film, photography and other work by Sung Hee Jin, Alexis Nishihata, restaurateur Alex von Riebech, Aya Toraiwa; and a drawing of Hélène Cixous reading at the 1979 Cambridge Poetry Festival. We also have a Snowgo by Fiona Allardyce.

SNOW is available only direct from the UK publisher. Issue 1 is priced at £10 incl. mailing or euro12 or US$19 incl. airmailing. Payment can be made to PayPal ID ab@abar.net or by sterling cheque payable to Anthony Barnett and purchase is recommended before all the copies melt away.

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