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Physical copies of these are gone, but make any donation to any author, you’ll get a link to download PDFs of all four chapbooks, plus Ten Laws by Jo, and two anthologies edited by Sam (Vile Bodies and Landscaping Change).

 PayPal Donate Allegories from my Kitchen, by Lila Matsumoto
 PayPal Donate Three Poems, by Verity Spott & Megan Alan
 PayPal Donate Alert State is Heightened: an imperative imprimatura, by nick-e melville
 PayPal Donate Strange House, by Samantha Walton

MASTHEAD. Jo Lindsay Walton. CROW’S NEST. Samantha Walton.


(1) We don’t publish anything that often!

(2) If you familiarize yourself with the kind of work we prefer to publish, your soul will be in jeopardy all for the sake of these contemptible realities.

That time is better spent instead familiarizing yourself with trammels, blinkers, rap, depression, swimming, releasers, influence, whitebait, people on Twitter you wouldn’t normally follow, pedals, Easton, hard and fast Eden frenemy overflux retroverted luxuriance, neighbours, police, poetsplaining and editorsplaining (and Deoxyribosesplaining etc.).

We currently particularly welcome submissions from Mallory Ortberg, Elif Batuman, Steve Aylett, Tim Morris, M. John Harrison, Caitlín Doherty, Anne Laure Coxam, Eley Williams, Yoon Ha Lee, Connie Scozzaro, Sofia Samatar, Holly Pester, Sophie Robinson, and Lila Matsumoto again. We also particularly welcome collaborative work.

(3) We are open to submissions in March. Get in touch at josephclwalton@gmail.com. At other times of year you can try contacting sophiestamina@gmail.com but it’s more of a poetry submissions themed fairground ride than a process.

(4) If you’re interested in reviewing poetry for Hix Eros (co-published with Hi Zero), we’re usually looking for more reviewers, so do get in touch (hixeros@gmail.com).

Bad Press / CritDox transitional demand shell company press
Finite Love, by The Two Brothers │enquire at Critical Documents

Hix Eros
Editors: Jo Lindsay Walton & Joe Luna
Past issues

Preyed Press
Editor: Jo Lindsay Walton
Marta and the Demons, by Jo Lindsay Walton
Newb Maps of Hell, Vol. I, by Jo Lindsay Walton

Sad Press Games
Editor: Jo Lindsay Walton
Sad Press Games now has its own site.

Lad Press
Editor: Sophie Stamina (sophiestamina@gmail.com)
Arse Amatoria, by Natalie Scargill (out of print)
Autumn Leaves, by Gwendolen Moon (out of print)
Better ? than ?, by Chad C. Mulligan (out of print)
Errutter, by Helen Bridwell (out of print)
Giant Feather, by JL (out of print)
Jennings Has Tweaky Nipples, by Anthony Buggery (out of print)
Nameless Horrors & What to Do About Them, by John Bellairs (out of print)
Soldier’s Verse, chosen by Jerry de Lint (out of print)
Stuffing, by Francis Crot (out of print)
The Unnecessary Tipping Point, by Francis Crot (out of print)

Rad Press
Editor: Jeremy Beardmore
A Brief Critique of Consensus Decision-Making, by Lara Buckerton (out of print)
A Nothing To Lose But Your Shekels Reader, by Jeremy Beardmore (ed.) (out of print)
Of Darkness From Vain Philosophy & Fabulous Traditions, by Thomas Hobbes & Lara Buckerton (ed.) (out of print)
Feminism Without Feminist Enemies, by Lara Buckerton (out of print)
The Twelve Ronnies, by Jonathan Stevenson (out of print)
Golden Hex: A Memoir, by Joseph Walton (out of print)
Independence: A Specula Principum for PricewaterhouseCoopers, by Lara Buckerton (out of print)
Modernising Higher Education in English Literature: A Poem for SC, by Anon (online only)
On Consent, by Jeremy Beardmore (out of print)

Babbs Press
Editor: Jet Hutton
Approaches in Bath Towels, by Simon Rowe (out of print)
China, My China, by Harriet Gills (out of print)
Darknival, by Dianne Colson (out of print)
Die Miami, by JL (out of print)
Down With Us, by FC (out of print)
Facebook 2007 (10 vols.), by Tommy Peeps (ed.) (out of print)
Mêlée dans le Sperme, by FC & Ian Monk (trans.) (out of print)
Pascal’s Martingale, by Morgan Tierrasanta (out of print)
Powdered Rope, by The Enchantress of Numbness (out of print)
Praxis Elegies, by The Brother (out of print)
Scrum in the Cum, by FC (out of print)
Star Directory, by The Two Brothers (out of print)
The Expanding Prism of J, by Archie McCue (out of print)
The Higher Common Sense, by Abbé Fause-Maigre & H. B. Mainwaring (trans.) (out of print)

Coffee Press
Editor: Harriet Vane
Death Be My Deadline, by Evadne Mount (out of print)
Murder Without Ease, by Evadne Mount (out of print)
The Body in the Library, by Ariadne Oliver (out of print)

Real Sociedad S.A.D. Press
Editor: Stuart Poynter
Fuck’s Sake, Zarathustra, by Jow Lindow Man (withdrawn)
How to Avoid Huge Ships, by John W. Trimmer (withdrawn)
I Am Centrifuge, by JL (withdrawn)
Misery Inc., by Paul Sheldon (withdrawn)
North by Night, by Butler Hughes (withdrawn)
Pancake Pretty, by Barbara Jones (withdrawn)
Peach Shadows, by Marshall France (withdrawn)
Procrastination, by T.S. Garp (withdrawn)
Railroad Perfection, by Benno von Archimboldi (withdrawn)
Some More of God’s Greatest Mistakes, by OC (withdrawn)
The Language of Torture, by Rafael Geethtar Servagio (withdrawn)
The School Observed, by Rowland Mahler (withdrawn)
Tweets from 2020, by Lara Buckerton (withdrawn)
Violence Vindicated, by Kyle Storm Beste-Chetwynde (withdrawn)

Brad Press
Editor: Yolanda Tudor-Bloch
Crotation, by F Crot et al. (forthcoming) │ (free exposure draft online)
Dialectic and Semantics, by Erwin Ransom (out of print)
Does the Pope Shi’ite in the Woods? Orientalism & Scatology in Alexander Pope’s Windsor Forest, by JO Schmeaux (out of print)
“It Lies In Long Strait Veins”: Natural-Philosophical Desiderata Lists & The Emergence of Early Political Economy, by Geraldine Lee (out of print)
No 10% Leeway on Word Limits: A Prolegomenous Polemic, by Julia Bashmore (out of print)
Proust vs. Rodefer, by Ron Paste (out of print)
Sense and Sensibilia, by Austin, JL (out of print)
Torment, Transcendence, Transsubstantiation & the Atkins Diet: how do we feel about the carbs of Christ? by Stamina Teacup (out of print)
Where’s Waldo? The Representation of Everyman in Emerson, by JO Schmeaux (out of print)
Vanity on Twitter, by Rebecca McConville (out of print)
Vichian Offices, by Frank Minot (out of print)
The Weaning of Weaning, by Hilarious Putnurse (out of print)

Mean Streets Press
Editors: Stephen McLaughlin & Jim Carpenter
The Reality Street Book of Ballots by Stephen McLaughlin (ed.) & Jim Carpenter (ed.) (online only)

Tongue Press (previously 10 Speed Press)
Editor: Konishiki Yasokichi
April March, by Herbert Quain (out of print)
Betrayal, by Tom Raworth et al. (out of print)
Defence of Ignorance, by Felix Bulmer Kennaston (out of print)
Fairy Tales of the Law, by Anon (out of print)
Far Adventure, by Maeve Downey (out of print)
Fatherly Love, by Clare Quilty (out of print)
Hiding Places Both Underwater & Underground, by Mac Lenox (out of print)
Interview With A Vampire Dude, by Francis Crot (out of print)
My Baby, My Love, by Agnes Coleman (out of print)
One Human Minute, by J. Johnson & S. Johnson (out of print)
Poems, by John Shade (out of print)
Scars at Dog Eye Level, by Kyle Storm Beste-Chetwynde (out of print)
Sexplosion, by Simon Merrill (out of print)
Stalked by Love, by Louise K. Delacroix (out of print)
Tales Told in November, by Christabel LaMotte (out of print)
Up Shit Creek: Collection of Horrifyingly True Toilet Misadventures, by Joe Lindsay (out of print)

Writers Forum (Avignon)
Editor: Joseph Walton
Bad Investment, by Les Riches (out of print)
Candide in Franglaise, by Lara Buckerton (out of print) │ (excerpt online)
Knitting with Dog Hair, by Kendall Crolius & Anne Montgomery (out of print)
London, by Helen Bridwell (out of print)
Making Cocoa for Wendy Cope, by Martin Amis (out of print)
Pint?, by Windfucker Motherland (out of print)
Talking Donkey Bloodbath, by Kyle Storm Beste-Chetwynde (out of print)
The Afro-California Jumping Style, by Sierra Leon (out of print)
The Holy Metamorphosis, by Harq al-Ada (out of print)
Works, by Prignitz (out of print)

Gluttony Press
Editor: Natasha Snow
—-, or, Meat-Filled Chapel, by Francis Crot (out of print) │ (serialised online)
Bombproof Your Voice, by Drenching (out of print)
Broken Cisterns and Living Waters, by Endymion Ellenbogen (out of print)
Can We Have Our Beal Back, by Francis Crot (out of print)
Get Gay!, by NP Snow (out of print)
Hail to the Chef, by Kilgore Treat (out of print)

Mad Press
Editor: Ron Paste
Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie, by W. Farel & F. Bacon (out of print)
How Green Were the Nazis?, by Franz-Josef Bruggemeier et al. (out of print)
How Green Were the Nazis Really?, by Franz-Josef Bruggemeier et al. (out of print)
Madam, I’m Damaged, by Francis Crot (out of print)
Marsh Lights, by Herbert Metheley (out of print)
Our Father, by Tad Exler (out of print)
Plainsong, by Kent Haruf (out of print)
The Bastard Who Collected Faces, by Nadine Dillon (out of print)
The Deccan Traps, by Rory McHoan (out of print)
The Dismissed, by Adeodato Lampustri (out of print)
The Lying Voiceover, by Francis Crot (out of print)
Theologians’ Rat Traps, by Francis Crot (out of print)

Pride Press
Editor: Natalie Scargill
Lady Windermere’s Fan, by Oscar Wilde │ online
A General History of Labyrinths, by Silas Haslam (out of print)
Bad Eden, by Wilt Plant (out of print)
Codex, by de Selby (out of print)
Dialogues: Poems, by F. Hilary Stevens (out of print)
Dilemma Poems, by Jakob Beer (out of print)
Fans and Fadeaways, by John Jose Fahey (out of print)
Hax II: Undo Dealeate, by Francis Crot (out of print)

Baader Press (formerly Sociedad Press)
Editor: William Toulson
I Capture the Cold Sore, by Marianne Munk (out of print)
On the Carpet of Leaves Illuminated, by the Moon, by Takakumi Ikoka (out of print)
Pensées & Responses, by Alfred Bork (out of print)
Poems, by Helen Bridwell (out of print)
Statements, by Herbert Quain (out of print)

Fad Press
Editor: Rory McFadden
A Pot for All Seasons, by Anon (out of print)
A Treatise on the Binomial Theorem, by J. Moriarty (new edition) (out of print)
Beaten by Chastisement, by Francis Crot (out of print)
Dog Puke, by various hands (out of print)
Groundwork, by Jakob Beer (out of print)
Misers’ Mountain, by Anon (out of print)

Seek & Destroy Press
Editor: Akinsola-Hierat von Bombast-Akinfemiwa-Jugswap (out of print)
Out of Me Head, by Ron Nasty (out of print)
Pretoria, by Theo Angevine (out of print)
Skoda, by Towntrick (out of print)

WWE Press (previously WWF Press)
Editor: Rosanette de la Paix
Suture Self, by Mary Daheim (out of print)
The City of Is, by Christabel LaMotte (out of print)
The Musty Mustard-Pot of Penitence, by Anon (out of print)
The Secret of Castle Dancing, by Josephine M. Bettany (out of print)
Voices Vocable, by Adam Poor (out of print)

Daughters & Sons Press
Editor: Raquel Perez
Are Adults Harmoniums?, by Frank Minot (out of print)
Bad Ass, by Eileen Dover (out of print)
Beard in Essential, by Aristotle (out of print)
Beard in Existential, by Aristotle (out of print)
Harry Potter and the Stick of Nothing, by Stewart Lee (out of print)
Miso-on-Seine, by the Loud and also Australian Clerk at Shakespeare & Co. [if you know their name please write to the editor] (out of print)
Nut Grab, by the Liquid Bros (out of print)
Octopus Damage & Other Songs & Tales, by Francis Crot (out of print)
Tense in Totnes, by Francis Crot (out of print)
Trams of Cheshire, by Francis Crot (out of print)

Vlad Press
Editor: Amber Juliani
Sitting at the Feet of Ghosts, by Sir Paul (out of print)
There & Back Again, by BB (out of print)
Toi, by Raymond Seurat (out of print)
Up Shit Creek: A Collection of Horrifyingly True Toilet Misadventures, by Joe Lindsay (out of print)
Vietnam Victory, by Edward Fox (out of print)
Vital Schoolboy, by Ed Magar (out of print)

Scotland Against Drugs Press
Editor: Jupe Hammont
A History of Hats, by F.G. Smallfinger (out of print)
Bad Cow, by Terry Bull (out of print)
Dags at Dawn, by Jamelia Wigmore (out of print)
Dialectickles, by Kyle Storm Beste-Chetwynde (out of print)
Escape from Love, by Louise K. Delacroix (out of print)
He Kissed All Night, by Susan Magar (out of print)
I Eat Fog, by JL (out of print)
Invisible Worms, by Richard Tull (out of print)
Lar! Lar!, by FC (out of print)
Virevoustatorium nacquettorum, by F. Pedebilletis (out of print)

Dad Press
Editor: Tom Aitkens
An Answer for Night-Hags, by John Bellairs (out of print)
Field of Breams, by SR (out of print)
I to Hercules, by Jack Munting (out of print)
Leaded Air Meatus, by Snowbot Endangered, Fearing Turtle (out of print)
Maximum Tentacles, by JL (out of print)
On Being Glorified, by Planetose Exfolia (out of print)
Poetry is Back, by Colloidal Jim (out of print)
Prose Poems, by Maurice Craftmaster (out of print)
Silent Riots, by Sarah Crowe (out of print)
The Courier’s Tragedy, by Richard Wharfinger (new edition) (out of print)
The Eltdown Shards, by Gordon Whitney (trans.) (out of print)
The Jow Name In History, by Anon (out of print)
This is Not This Ain’t No Chicago Review Not, by FC (ed.) (out of print)
What Milton Saw, by The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Un-pliered Cabbage (out of print)
Who’s Who in Barbed Wire, by Anon (trans.) (out of print)

Mossad Press
Editor: Melody Wittgenstein
Bigfoot: True or Real? by Miranda Cosgrove (out of print)
Cheating on your Boss’s Boyfriend with Some Other Girl: An Essay on Intension by Lara Buckerton & Melody Wittegenstein (out of print)
De Partu Difficili, by Lithopaedus Senonesis (out of print)
Lyric Poetry After Shoreditch, by Rosie Pyder (pseudonym) (out of print)
Mike Weller, Poetry Feller, by Posie Rider (out of print)
Sally: A Fiction, by Posie Rider (out of print)

Faber & Faber Press
Editor: Anne Eliot
As I Walked Out One Evening, by W. H. Auden (out of print)
Cloudcuckooland, by Simon Armitage (out of print)
First World War Poems, by Andrew Motion (out of print)
Human Chain, by Seamus Heaney (out of print)
Legion, by David Harsent (out of print)
Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis, by Wendy Cope (out of print)
My Saucy Bark, by Daisy Perowne (out of print)

Bade Breathe
Editor: Jo Lindsay Walton

WFSPN/PIP: Writer’s Forum Superplus North Sports Entertainment Forum Poems in Progress
Convener: nick-e melville

Check frenemy sites for availability & new titles.

Bad Press
Editor: Marianne Morris
5 Merits in the Liberty Bodice, by Stuart Calton
Baudelaire’s Fleurs, by Michael Kindellan
Cocteau Turquoise Turning, by Marianne Morris
Fetish Poems, by Marianne Morris
Finite Love, by The Two Brothers
Gathered Tongue, by Marianne Morris
He Pearls That We, by various hands
Motion Study, by Kai Fierle-Hedrick
Poems in Order, by Marianne Morris
String Theories, by Kai Fierle-Hedrick
When I Say I Believe Women, by Emily Critchley
Your Guilt Is A Miracle, by Ryan Dobran
Bad Press Serials, by Jow Lindsay, Marianne Morris & Jonathan Stevenson (eds)
& more

yt communication
Editors: Sean Bonney & Frances Kruk
Killin Kittenish, by Sophie Robinson
Cuntomatic, by Francis Crot
Seize Oiseaux, by Derek Beaulieu
Black Water, by Sean Bonney
Document, by Sean Bonney
Clobber, by Frances Kruk
Dig Oubliette, by Frances Kruk
Poemas, by Cesar Vallejo & William Rowe (trans.)
Dum Cumpster Salad, by Daniel F. Bradley
yt communication bulletins, by Sean Bonney & Frances Kruk (eds)
& more

Editor: Lila Matsumoto
Up Scree Creek by Aunt Lila (ed.)
& more

Editors: William Rowe, Ulli Freer, Stephen Mooney, Aodán McCardle, Piers Hugill & Adrian Clarke
Baudelaire in English, by Sean Bonney
Pressure in Cheshire, by Francis Crot │ £7.00
Temporary Structures, by James Harvey
The Death of Pringle, by Justin Katko
& much more

Editors: Steve Willey & Alex Davies

Punch Press
Editor: Richard Owens

Editors: Ryan Dobran, Ian Heames, Justin Katko, Laura Kilbride, Luke Roberts & Mike Wallace-Hadrill
Rodefer/Lisette │ online
Manson/Toal │ online
Joyce/Mobarak │ online
Olsen/Kruk │ online
Rider/Lindsay │ online
Jarvis/Bonney │ online
Crangle/Thornton │ online
James/Warriner │ online
Leonard/Sutherland │ online
& more

Critical Documents
Editor: Justin Katko
A Discourse on Vegetation & Motion, by Frances Kruk
All Our Futile Grief, by Billy Simms & Keith Tuma
BEAR$BAREBEAR$, by Coupons≠Coupons
Contranight Escha Black, by Josh Stanley
Ding Ding, by Ryan Dobran
Finite Love, by The Two Brothers
Holiday in Tikrit, by Keith Tuma & jUStin!katKO
Let Baby Fall, by Tom Raworth
Poétique des codes sur le réseau informatique: une investigation critique, by Camille Paloque-Bergès
Realizing the Utopian Longing of Experimental Poetry, by J Katko
Register For More, by 405-12-3415
She’s Not a Manager, by 405-12-3415
the church – the school – the beer, by chris cheek
wild ascending lisp, by Sarah Crangle
Xena Warrior Princess: The 7 Curses, by Francis Crick
Plantarchies, by jUStin!katKO (ed.)
& more

Shit Valley
Editors: nobody knows
Work Songs, by Christina Chalmers
Visceral Apocrypha, by John DeWitt
All Stock Must Go, by Corina Copp
Peak Return, by Ed Luker
Body of Fact, by Meg Foulkes
Debit Resonants: A Fool Book, by Jeremy Hardingham
David Cameron: A Theatre of Knife-Songs, by Lisa Jeschke & Lucy Benyon
& more

Mountain Press
Editors: nobody is quite sure
Jocund Day, by Timothy Thornton
False Flags, by Luke Roberts
Certain Prose of the English Intelligencer, ed. et al.
Teens, by Francesca Lisette
People, by Danny Hayward
Mealy Bloom, by Tom Jones

Infinite Editions
Editor: Andy Spragg

Editor: Fräunein Severity Sportt

Editor: Richard Parker

Editor: David Ashford

Knives, Forks and Spoons
Editor: Alec Newman

Tipped Press
Editor: Rosa van Hensbergen

This is all really dodgy and weird.

From Xena: Warrior Princess & The Seven Curses, by Francis Crick –

Xena soon saw Ketchivan for a sort of library, or that it stood to a library as beasts to their fossils.

Every taste was overcatered to; there was Dog Puke and Pig Pope, Pogue Duke and Dag Poke, Hick Moth and Thick Twat, Scrot (Sic) and Crotslick. There was Chambermaid and Chamberpot and Can We Have Our Balls Back. At every nook there was a queue of journals with a Pucktwat jostling a Fanfuck at its head, at every niche a mob of zines with a Drughock moshing a Flagclot at its heart, and at the threshold of each queue and each mob, a waiting room precariously stacked with more publications, Rapāx Gifs, Frot Gnat, Clit Gas, Pet Quits, Class (Sic), Jerkflick online it made her so sick sic? nope erratum in the last ish for sick read slick. Perpenned. Opunned. Atop a Gag some dog-eared Squid slipping, everywhere you looked you saw Pussy, The Pauper and Abject Permanence; there was Manger Exhaust, The Gloating Volunteer and Sayanora, Snorer!; there was Savage Will, Grasp Press, Jello Lead, Nova in Knickers, The Waif, The Wife, Whorf. There were the eschatological vers libre pulpits When Bird Flu Comes, Fancy Seizing The Means Of Production? and Confident – in a Maw!, there was the escatalogical fluxus rag Let’s Prepare for Sewage but also Reggae amid the Rubble. The neocrumb vianelle cheat sheet, Nothing To Lose But Your Shekels. Big Man On Campus, Little Man On Hippocampus. The sonnet-focused Armour.

See also: HIX EROS

See also: LINKS


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