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CONCERNING the life of P.I.N.D.A.R. we can be sure only of the bare outlines

From “The Wisdom of Crowds”
By @EconBritain:

[…] Olympics: The Musical […]

By Rich Owens:

Don Draper we love you. Get it up.

From “The Daily Mail & How an NHS Death Means Racism is . . . Fine?”
By John Walker:

[…] a regular trick the Mail uses, too. Along with the bait-and-switch articles, where being indignant about one subject wildly steers into being indignant about another, where utterly unsupportable – or even downright untrue – statements are made, a contradictory line is added at the very bottom. It’s designed as a Get Out Of Jail, a way of justifying what comes before. But what comes before is designed to make it irrelevant. The Mail reader is supposed to be so incensed by this point […]

Olwimpics e-isolationism browser sports barrier.

Military citadels under London.

From “Promiscuous”

By Josh Stanley.

my organs fall out on a floor
and even you unlock a door
to blood which blood can nothing can restore
but blood when it’s without a door

From “Sub-Rosa, or ‘The Book of Metaphysics'”

By Francesca Lisette.

[…] racing scarlet […]

From “Sonnet”

By Bernadette Mayer.

I am supposed to think of my personal dot
I do and it is dull if you won’t call
Who cares Angel I could find you even within my wrist
Nobody minds because of sleeping, I detest it myself
Why doesnt anybody […]