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From “Rejuvenation of the Valentine”

By Connie Scozzaro.

“You can expect a completely restored hypotenuse. You can
expect your hoof and/or your reservoir to be restored and for
your new hyaena to be satisfied that you were a virus on your
wedding night.” Erica has never been one to follow trends, or
faggots, and doesn’t usually believe in non-essential plastic
surprise. “I don’t even wear make-up,” she quips.

“Since my operetta my confinement has rocketed and I’m
thrilled with the retail. So is my hyaena. I feel like standing on
my porcupine and shouting it!”

From “Love’s Work”

By Gillian Rose.

The sexual exchange will be as complicated as the relationship in general — even more so.

From “The Women”

By Francesca Lisette.

[…] pimps are short on counterfactual […]

Sonnet 101

By Sophie Robinson.

why is everybody always writing
about fucking like me the more writing
to be done the less time to do the
necessary fucking for poetry

which is just as well when “at a bar” or
side by side alone & almost having
sex but in the end we change our minds ‘cos
work is early/harsh work makes you nervous

lines up the days & besides you don’t love
each other so much today as yesterday
& that dwindle’s dampened the itch to do
anything but write some stupid sonnet

frigid at the kitchen table no damp
itch to speak of no great love to leap off


From Minimum Security Prison Dentistry, by Stephen Fowler.

as rare as
rocking horse
my love for tacky
Eastern European sluts
with cheap handbags,
stressed denim
& frizzed out hair

you can save up
for an expensive
handbag your whole life
& still
they will only want
what you give

hate these suicidal poets
who are pushing the mid-30s
& dress like tampons
just so they can maybe
sneak up a drunk student’s

rich girls are so pampered
& self indulgent
they either dress like brats
OR a minister’s daughter
they are clean though
& this is what it
is really about.

a haircut
on the trolley
a washing line like flags
is meant to remind you
of Apartheid