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CONCERNING the life of P.I.N.D.A.R. we can be sure only of the bare outlines

From “The Wisdom of Crowds”
By @EconBritain:

[…] Olympics: The Musical […]

By Rich Owens:

Don Draper we love you. Get it up.

From “The Daily Mail & How an NHS Death Means Racism is . . . Fine?”
By John Walker:

[…] a regular trick the Mail uses, too. Along with the bait-and-switch articles, where being indignant about one subject wildly steers into being indignant about another, where utterly unsupportable – or even downright untrue – statements are made, a contradictory line is added at the very bottom. It’s designed as a Get Out Of Jail, a way of justifying what comes before. But what comes before is designed to make it irrelevant. The Mail reader is supposed to be so incensed by this point […]

Olwimpics e-isolationism browser sports barrier.

Military citadels under London.

From “Promiscuous”

By Josh Stanley.

my organs fall out on a floor
and even you unlock a door
to blood which blood can nothing can restore
but blood when it’s without a door

From “Editorial Coda: Notes on Struggle and Cosmology”

By Rich Owens.

More than capitalism, history itself is crisis. Contradiction, violence, antagonism – these will outlast capitalism just as they preceded it, perhaps even yielding a comparable string of commensurably horrifying outcomes as history continues to unfold. This is not to apologize for the crises constitutive of capitalism, but rather to suggest that, while the horizon of capitalism resides at all times within crisis, the limits of crisis may not be breached by the collapse of capital. Put differently, if capitalism is crisis, it should not be assumed that crisis is capitalism. Polis, however, social in orientation and prior to capital, emerges with crisis, through crisis, as a gesture towards ameliorating crisis. But if polis is that which aspires to reconcile crisis, it can only do so through struggle.

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From “The Katechon”

By Michael Cross.

Creativity is intrinsic to law like cloud is intrinsic to snow.

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