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From “Rejuvenation of the Valentine”

By Connie Scozzaro.

“You can expect a completely restored hypotenuse. You can
expect your hoof and/or your reservoir to be restored and for
your new hyaena to be satisfied that you were a virus on your
wedding night.” Erica has never been one to follow trends, or
faggots, and doesn’t usually believe in non-essential plastic
surprise. “I don’t even wear make-up,” she quips.

“Since my operetta my confinement has rocketed and I’m
thrilled with the retail. So is my hyaena. I feel like standing on
my porcupine and shouting it!”

From “All of the Lights”

By Kanye West, featuring Drake & Rihanna.

[…] can’t see my daughter
her mother, brother, grandmother, hate me in that order […]