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From “Ode to Love XIX: You Racist, Homophobic Bitch”

By Marianne Morris.

I walk home with this paranoia mounting, the shopping bags
squeezing the blood from the surface of my arm that I carry the yellow split-
peas on, mouth
open to breathe or to think more clearly about letting something in,
make it brief and screw your face up and access the little gate.  Show
your teeth riding the floor.  Here is a place to say
as much as all is rabid: tenderness.  Push him to the floor and hold his face.  The
reality is
not so good but
putting breath into someone else’s mouth is
one way of spending your Sunday night, 21:17-33, but keep it brief.  It has
been nothing more than brief now for many weeks.  Aving it large is
going down the pub, we do and then
back on the floor,
beneath the half-empty Asahi bottle and the garbage I compose
a letter to Orange Broadband, refuting their lies and my landlord
runs liver-coloured through my head, grasping individual.  Set into me,
diamond-quality latex.  I punch the ravenous slap in me that drags on
and on in company against innocent people.  The need to shout gets hard
to snap but I’m tired of monitoring my karma.  The cynics insist that it does not exist,
mostly because it is such a gay word.  Permission: OED.  The spine curved
against his thighs.  The state of being.  The state of
Texas. […]

CONCERNING the life of P.I.N.D.A.R. we can be sure only of the bare outlines

From “The Wisdom of Crowds”
By @EconBritain:

[…] Olympics: The Musical […]

By Rich Owens:

Don Draper we love you. Get it up.

From “The Daily Mail & How an NHS Death Means Racism is . . . Fine?”
By John Walker:

[…] a regular trick the Mail uses, too. Along with the bait-and-switch articles, where being indignant about one subject wildly steers into being indignant about another, where utterly unsupportable – or even downright untrue – statements are made, a contradictory line is added at the very bottom. It’s designed as a Get Out Of Jail, a way of justifying what comes before. But what comes before is designed to make it irrelevant. The Mail reader is supposed to be so incensed by this point […]

Olwimpics e-isolationism browser sports barrier.

Military citadels under London.